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Routine Auto Maintenance

Drivers in St. Joe, Mo need to understand the importance of routine auto maintenance. Every auto manufacturer publishes a basic maintenance and service guide that’s available to consumers. Such resources should be followed carefully in order to keep specific vehicles running smoothly. Oil changes are recommended based on a specific time interval or total distance covered by a car. The guys here at Avenue Auto recommend getting your oil changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

For example, standard sedans should have a complete oil and filter change every three months or about 3,500 miles. Bulkier cars like full-size SUVs and minivans might need to have such essential auto service done much more frequently.

Tire wear and tear plays a major role in the performance of any passenger vehicle. During a routine inspection or service, Joe or Ryan will check the tire tread. Worn out tires significantly decrease traction, something that leads to poor fuel economy and loss of control on the road.